What You Should Know about Oilfield Equipment

On TV programs or internet videos depicting oilfield activities, you probably think that extracting the crude oil from below ground is easy. However, the process involves different types of equipment, from drilling machines to workover rigs. Take a look at the things below for more information.

Drilling rig

As the name suggests, a drilling rig’s main function is to create holes in the ground. Drilling rigs come in varied sizes. Some are small enough to be mounted on trucks or trailers, others are massive enough that they can be left to stand on their own, such as oil platforms.

Well control equipment

An oilfield won’t be able to generate oil without well control equipment. This machine regulates the oil flow to prevent blowouts. In the world of oil drilling, blowouts are considered the most destructive disasters. Not only do blowouts have the tendency to result in ecological damage, they can also put lives and health at risk.

Workover rig

This type of rig actually comes in handy when the original well drilling equipment fails. However, for the workover rig to work, killing the well should be first on the priority list. This means to stop the pumping of oil until the workover rig is brought in and does its job in the oil production cycle.

Some distributors offer all these machines at once, but some provide them piece by piece. For smooth oil production, it’s best to go with a one-stop shop seller that can offer the entire set.

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