Common Heavy Haul Trailer Configurations

The heavy haul industry sees an endless variety of load types, weights, and shapes. Due to the incredible diversity of loads that exists, heavy haul trailers can come in a wide range of configurations.

The following are some of the most common heavy haul trailer configurations, of which there are quite a few:

Fixed Gooseneck

Fixed gooseneck trailers benefit from longer deck lengths and lighter weight than other variants. These trailers get their “gooseneck” moniker from their curved front necks, which can also double as ramps in many cases. Fixed goosenecks typically ride quite low over the ground to help lower the load’s center of gravity and aid stability.

Fixed Neck

Fixed neck trailers use the type of hitches found on typical cargo trailers. While these also feature very light weight, they sacrifice the ability to be loaded from the front.


Double Schnabel and half Schnabel trailers trace their origins to the railroad freight industry. Schnabel trailers are designed so that the intended load makes up a part of the trailer, instead of simply being placed on top of the trailer. Schnabel trailers see plenty of use in the wind energy industry, where they are often used to carry the oversized tubular sections of wind generators’ towers.


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