Best Ways to Ship a Car over Long Distances

You take a car from one place to another by simply driving it. What if you absolutely need your car to drive it across the seas, or across states or land borders? Fortunately, there are alternative ways of transporting a car over long distances.

Professional car shipping service – Commercial car shippers make use of special heavy haul trailers to transport vehicles over long distances. The most popular method is the open-air haulers that may take from 7 to 21 days to have the car delivered to your destination, depending on location. There are numerous vehicle shipping companies, with some of them offering special discounts to members of the military, police, senior citizens, and students. Continue reading


How Concrete is made

Try to imagine modern living without concrete. Sure, it might be a bit old school with all buildings made of wood and all, but concrete is essentially the foundation of the modern world. With it, weather-proof buildings wouldn’t have been possible, and we’d be scurrying around trying to fix structures and buildings during stormy weather, instead of expecting these structures to withstand the elements and protect us. Here are some basic facts about this amazing material. Continue reading

Oil Rig Worker Safety Facts

Offshore oil platforms can be a treacherous place to work. To ensure the safety of everyone involved every minute of the day, manufacturers of equipment like drawworks see to it that their products are of excellent quality.  However, quality of equipment is only as safe as the responsible and diligent effort that people who operate the rigs themselves give to the task at hand. Continue reading