Cut Costs with the Right Workover Rigs

Workovers are considered one of the most difficult and expensive types of well work. The complex task is commonly performed when the completion of a well is not suited for the overall drilling job that it is part of. In other instances, the completion may have once been suitable, but then changing conditions of the drilling reservoir had begun to dictate otherwise.

While workovers in itself already involves complex procedures, it being added to a drilling setup essentially increases the overall costs of production, which isn’t necessarily guaranteed to be recouped through the oil output.

As it stands, when a workover rig becomes necessary, it is paramount to get the best and most cost-efficient one possible, if at least to avoid problems during its use. These problems may add further to a set-up’s overall production costs.

While a new workover rig set-up may seem most ideal, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Some used rigs can complete the job with the same efficiency and effectivity, at a significantly lower cost. As a workover involves killing the well which is planned ahead, there is always ample time to find and work with a reliable provider quality workover rigs for sale.

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