Oil Rig Worker Safety Facts

Offshore oil platforms can be a treacherous place to work. To ensure the safety of everyone involved every minute of the day, manufacturers of equipment like drawworks see to it that their products are of excellent quality.  However, quality of equipment is only as safe as the responsible and diligent effort that people who operate the rigs themselves give to the task at hand.

Stop Work Regulations

One of the most efficient safety regulations implemented by the U.S. government for all oil rig workers (whether offshore or not) is what is known as the Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) II. Among its long list of safety rules include authorizing workers to stop work on a rig should they witness unsafe activity.

This has been implemented due to the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf explosion and oil spill that killed 11 workers on site.

Equipment Precautions

It’s no secret that the equipment themselves that the workers use could be one of the biggest hazards when it comes to safety, so it’s always prudent for workers to be vigilant in maintaining and repairing equipment as needed. Also, there’s no room in a big rig for substandard materials, which is why it’s also important to choose the right manufacturers when it comes down to replacing equipment.


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