Best Ways to Ship a Car over Long Distances

You take a car from one place to another by simply driving it. What if you absolutely need your car to drive it across the seas, or across states or land borders? Fortunately, there are alternative ways of transporting a car over long distances.

Professional car shipping service – Commercial car shippers make use of special heavy haul trailers to transport vehicles over long distances. The most popular method is the open-air haulers that may take from 7 to 21 days to have the car delivered to your destination, depending on location. There are numerous vehicle shipping companies, with some of them offering special discounts to members of the military, police, senior citizens, and students.

Have someone else drive the car – People who wouldn’t mind having their brand new cars rack up mileage could look to hiring the service of a professional driver. This service may prove cheaper than the shipping option. Having someone else drive the car could be faster, too, than having your car shipped. Non-professional arrangements could also work with trustworthy kin or colleagues who can make themselves available to accommodate you and your car.

Cargo container – Shipping a vehicle overseas is serious business, and there is only a single reliable option: a sturdy cargo container. The car is essentially packed the way smaller cargo goods are, and the container that holds it is loaded onto (and secured in) the ship.


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