Save On Workovers! Buy Your Own Workover Rig

Oil companies want to maximize the production of their oil wells. As in most production business, there are unexpected problems that come up which can reduce production and workers’ productivity, such as the reservoir behaving unpredictably, or impurities being mixed into the extracted oil. The best way to resolve these problems is to call in a well intervention service. Your company may also find it more beneficial if it invests in its own workover rig?

Workover rigs are also called completion rigs, service rigs, or pulling units. The variety of names accurately describes the flexibility of these vehicles and how having this piece of equipment can contribute in maintaining your oil wells. A workover rig consists of a large truck with a large winch and telescoping mast; additional equipment can be added to provide more functionality.

The great thing about rigs, which can be operated by a crew of three, is that they are mobile and can be relocated easily. If your company has come to terms with the advantage of immediate service whenever it’s needed (rather than hiring outside service) as a means to increase oil well productivity, then purchasing workover rigs may be the best course of action to take. It may be just as feasible, too, as in-house maintenance may offer a lower price tag than outside servicing.


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