How does Oil Drilling Work?

Oil is one of the most important resource today, with nearly every industry worldwide relying on a very significant part on oil products to operate. To supply this nearly-unlimited demand, petroleum companies turn to drilling oil from deep within the earth’s crust, and they do this in large part by installing oil rigs complete with parts like drawworks and drills in the middle of the world’s seas.

Locating Oil

The first part in this equation of course is to look for oil, and petroleum companies do this with the help of oil geologists who examine surface rocks and terrain. There are other techniques used as well, such as measuring tiny changes in the earth’s gravitational field that just might indicate the presence of flowing oil.

Preparing the Rig

Next the oil company prepares to set up shop. They consider potential environmental hazards, obtain licenses, and right-of way access. They will clear the area, dig a reserve pit to dispose of waste materials and by-products, and line the work area with plastic to protect the environment.


The crew will set up the rig and then begin operations. They dig a starter hole and position the drill bit, collar, and pipe down into the hole, attach the kelley and turntable. With everything ready, drilling can begin. As the process progresses, mud and other waste are removed and transported into the reserve pit.


A Look at the Country’s Oiliest States

Oil is an important resource for a country like the United States, which has dynamic and innovative industries. The need to innovate systems and products compels the country to import fossil fuel products from the oil-producing giants of the Middle East and obey the whims of the global price of oil.

However, America itself is a treasure trove for oil. There are many states that can help alleviate the country’s oil problem by producing oil themselves. Here are some of them:


The Golden State producing crude oil generates an image unlikely to a state with a glamorous reputation. Nevertheless, the University of Southern California found that tapping the economic potential of the state’s oil deposits can generate more than 500,000 jobs in the state.


The Last Frontier is not only the U.S.’s biggest state; it is also a good source of fossil fuels. The 2011 Proved oil reserve numbers for the state reached almost 4 billion barrels, which presents a lucrative industry for the northernmost state of the country.


The Lone Star State is famous for its oil, so much that a there is a TV show about rich oilers living in Dallas. A huge number of reserves is located deep under the ground of the state, which means drilling is likely to continue for a long time.

Tips to Help Truckers Live a Good Life

Truckers are an important component of the American economy, as they deliver goods to wholesale or retail outlets that keep the economy rolling. However, a trucker constantly has to be on the road, away from family, with only his trusty truck and trailer to keep him constant company.

This sort of lifestyle can take a toll on different facets of a trucker’s life. Fortunately, there are things that can be done in order to counter the negative effects of being on the road for too long.

One of the biggest problems truck drivers have to face is the difficulty of living a healthy lifestyle on the road. Fast food and oily fare are go-to, feel-good foods, but everyday exposure to such fare only spells trouble for the trucker’s weight and health. Fortunately, pre-washed and cut fruits and vegetables are available in any convenience store. Grilled meat is another healthy alternative.

Exercising is also a terrific way to get healthier. Running shoes and folding bicycles are great items to keep around while travelling. Taking them out while on a break is a great way to exercise the heart and body. Sufficient sleep is also an important aspect truckers should watch out for.

Finally, relationships with family and friends is another priority for on-the-road truckers. Bonding with the children about the places they went to and bonding with their spouses through paperbacks (for the spouse) and audio books (for the trucker) will work wonders for the relationship.