Save On Workovers! Buy Your Own Workover Rig

Oil companies want to maximize the production of their oil wells. As in most production business, there are unexpected problems that come up which can reduce production and workers’ productivity, such as the reservoir behaving unpredictably, or impurities being mixed into the extracted oil. The best way to resolve these problems is to call in a well intervention service. Your company may also find it more beneficial if it invests in its own workover rig? Continue reading

How Concrete is made

Try to imagine modern living without concrete. Sure, it might be a bit old school with all buildings made of wood and all, but concrete is essentially the foundation of the modern world. With it, weather-proof buildings wouldn’t have been possible, and we’d be scurrying around trying to fix structures and buildings during stormy weather, instead of expecting these structures to withstand the elements and protect us. Here are some basic facts about this amazing material. Continue reading

Ensuring a Good Buy on Your Concrete Batch Plant

When we talk about , construction of high-rise buildings, roads, and bridges, among others, there is no room for inferior materials and equipment. The safety of the people is involved, which shoddy work and poor output could compromise. When it comes to construction projects of such a magnitude, a dependable concrete batch plant is necessary. Continue reading