Oil Rig Worker Safety Facts

Offshore oil platforms can be a treacherous place to work. To ensure the safety of everyone involved every minute of the day, manufacturers of equipment like drawworks see to it that their products are of excellent quality.  However, quality of equipment is only as safe as the responsible and diligent effort that people who operate the rigs themselves give to the task at hand. Continue reading


Cut Costs with the Right Workover Rigs

Workovers are considered one of the most difficult and expensive types of well work. The complex task is commonly performed when the completion of a well is not suited for the overall drilling job that it is part of. In other instances, the completion may have once been suitable, but then changing conditions of the drilling reservoir had begun to dictate otherwise. Continue reading

Custom Heavy Haul Trailers Help Promote Safe and Efficient Drilling

Despite this history, DeHaemer points out that “new real-time seismic techniques, octopus drilling technology, and flexible jackup rigs, coupled with $102 oil prices, would make these wells pay.” Specialized heavy haul trailers that transport bulky equipment enable drilling companies to reach oil reserves and tap into these rich wells of buried black gold.