Drawworks Manufacturers as a Part of Every Endeavor to Discover Oil

Once there is reason to believe the existence of black gold on a site, the drilling team moves in with their mobile drilling rigs. Standing at around 40 ft. high, these rigs consist of a winch and drilling shaft. The winch is connected to high-powered drawworks beside the rig tower, which in turn controls the drilling shaft’s ascent and descent. While the drilling shaft does all the heavy work, isolated components like drawworks enable it to do its job.


Drawworks Manufacturers: Why You Need the Best

For industries that involve drilling like oil fields, drilling rigs are essentials, and failing to utilize a remarkably performing one may equate to not-so-stellar results. Considering that several hundreds of meters are going to be drilled, a drilling rig that is able to meet, if not exceed, the most demanding requirements is indeed necessary. Continue reading

The “Run Out of Oil” Rhetoric

How many times have you read or heard that “the Earth will run out of oil by 20XX?” In 2013 alone, global daily production broke the 90 million mark. This number is projected to increase in the coming years. David Biello, editor for Scientific American, says the world may or may not run out of oil, depending on your point of view.

Does “running out of oil” mean draining the Earth of its reserves or making the ability to harvest those reserves more difficult? Biello says the Earth has all but run out of oil in the shallow shales and fields. However, beyond the reaches of the world’s deepest drilling rigs lies an estimated trillion barrels’ worth of reserves.

Oil production, on the other hand, is the more pressing matter. As reserves get harder to reach, technology must adapt and enable deeper drilling than ever before. The cost of drilling to greater depths consequently increases, which leads to a corresponding rise in oil prices. In other words, technology must continue to evolve if the petroleum industry wants to keep the rigs pumping.

This early, however, the industry is tapping into other potential sources such as shales and tar sands, cutting imports in recent years. At the same time, drilling rigs must become more powerful and efficient to reach unprecedented depths.